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My CEO Coaching is for the people who are NOT messing around. You will get all my best, and I will demand that of you as well!
You need to be ready to get some shit done!

I can take you from an idea to a fully realized business within a very short period of time—or, I can take your full, busy business and help you streamline it, get you your life back and help you LEVERAGE from one-to-one to one-to-many! It is possible, I promise! And I know exactly how to do it. Sounds good doesn’t it? Let me show you how...

I work with a very limited number of people at one time, but these people are usually MY people! You are:

  • A Get Shit Done kind of person
  • 100% ready to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL
  • Fully committed to learning the tools to help you gain traction, build sustainable systems, and commit to your singular business focus.
  • Ready to work hard
  • Able to hear and handle the truth
  • Someone who may not like group programs but wants to experience massive growth in their business
  • In need of one-on-one attention

I speak and train all over the country on my books and methodologies Live Your Life from the Front Seat and Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At, but I only coach privately and personally with about 100 people each year.

Through the CEO Coaching Program (and sister programs: Girl Boss and Lady Boss), you can become a part of this amazing tribe of women and have me coach you personally.

What is CEO Coaching and how can it help me?

My CEO Coaching Program is designed for high level Executives or advanced Entrepreneurs who need leadership development. CEO is an individual, private one-on-one coaching program for 4 – 6 months where I coach you through topics such as:

  • High level mindset work.
  • Shifting your business from one to many.
  • Massively building out your offerings.
  • Learn how to speak your team’s language.
  • Leadership development and managing successful teams.
  • Learn how to keep your team motivated.
  • How to raise your rates effectively.
  • Any topics covered in Girl Boss or Lady Boss Coaching Programs.

What's Included:

Most new Members of my coaching program start in October after attending my annual Front Seat Life 3-Day Event. I still have folks start at various times of the year — if we have space in the group. If this sounds like it’s the program for you, simply sign up for a 1-hour Strategy Session ($250 fee) and you will receive my immediate coaching, along with guidance as to if this program is a good fit.

For $997 USD/month, CEO members will receive:

Two private 1-hour coaching sessions with Jessica per month.

1/2 Day Deep Dive first meeting.

An amazing 3-hour session to kick off our time together and get clear on where you currently are, and what it will take to get you to the next level. We will identify issues and specific strategies to overcome them. We will have a clear roadmap in place for your next 3 months by the end of our 1/2 Day Deep Dive.

Unlimited access to Jessica Butts via WhatsApp.

Free Access to My Amazing Community.

...where I do two Facebook Lives at 8:00 am Mondays with extra coaching, inspiration, and 1-hour Master Classes monthly with an expert to dive deep on a subject.

You can enhance your coaching program with as-needed Half-Day VIP ($1,997) or Full-Day VIP Sessions ($2,997):

  • 3 hours (Half Day) or 6 hours (Full Day) Jessica to completely revamp or leverage your business, and dig into your life to see what may be holding you back.
  • All of Jessica’s best tools shared in one life-changing day together
  • Work on your funnel/offerings for greater clarity and made you some real money
  • Work on building your list/following
  • Fine tune your niche
  • Dive deeper into your core values
  • To get your mindset right, we’ll work on your goal cards together
  • Dig deep into your personality, what you are good at and what you need to start delegating
  • Work on your co-dependency if need be
  • Lastly, get your Structure, Systems and Singular focus completely dialed in and get you ready to finish 2017 strong and start 2018 with the most clarity and direction you have EVER had! I promise!
  • Lovely lunch out on me (for Full-Day VIP)
  • Great jump-start into the Lady Boss Small Group Coaching program

Next Steps:

If you are finding this program between the months of July and September, I’d recommend attending my Front Seat Life 3-Day Event as the first step toward starting group coaching with me. You will get a phenomenal set of tools and language at the 3-Day Event to start our coaching off on the right foot. The majority of new incoming Members will also be there so you can start making relationships with your fellow Lady Boss Members.


If you found this between the months of October to June, then the first step would be signing up for a 1-hour Strategy Session for $250.

If you decide to sign up for group coaching, your $250 fee will be used as credit towards the first month’s coaching fee. I assure you, we have lovingly welcomed in a handful of new Members throughout the year as space allows, and they all immediately integrate well into the group.


The Front Seat Life Team of Experts

As part of the Front Seat Squad and Front Seat Life™ Coaching Program, you have access to an amazing team of experts to help elevate, deepen and strengthen your growth! They are here to help you in your life and/or business. They will be coaching you throughout the year on our zoom calls as well as guest speaking at quarterly meetings. They are also available if and when you need a 30 minute consultation to see if working together might further help you.

Meet Our Team Of Experts

A Testimonial To Jessica Butts:

When I first began working with Jessica, I was a mess. Jessica helped me to be unapologetically who I am as an ENFP personality type while setting boundaries, systems, structures and a singular focus. These things together were my key to maximizing my potential and jessica has everything to do with that! One year later, I’m proud to say I’ve learned to overcome my limiting beliefs and have began an inspiring morning routine which is the foundation of my day. Personally, I’ve learned to keep my core values at the center of my life, be pro active and live a magnificent life.

The front seat life community have become this tribe of women we would do anything for! We love, support, admire and encourage one another. Thank you Jessica!”

Lisa Fischer

Owner, Lisa Fischer Styling