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Front Seat Life™ —

Life or Business Group Coaching

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This group will change your life!!  I would love for you to experience the amazing benefits of becoming part of the Front Seat Squad (TM).

The “Senior” group and the new “Freshman” Group is currently accepting a few fabulous new members! If you are interested in learning more about how to join this amazing group please schedule a 15 min consultation on the Free Consult page.

Do you:

  • Feel different from other people and wonder what is wrong with you?
  • Do you have a small business and find you spend most of your time doing things you hate and suck at instead of what you are GREAT at?
  • Feel frequently misunderstood by everyone around you?
  • Do you work alone and need a tribe of people that GET you?
  • Struggle to find people that “get” you?
  • Do you know you should be doing “more” with your life but don’t know what?
  • Have trouble focusing and moving from one project to the next?
  • Want to be held accountable but not in a way that punishes you for your unique approach to life?

If you answered ‘yes,’ then you’re probably a creative soul that is an Intuitive Type person. Only 25% of the population is like you, which is why you might feel like a bit of a weirdo in a “muggle” world.


In reality, you’re very special and have unique talents that the world NEEDS. If you’ve been living life as a backseat passenger because you feel different than other people, it’s time to get in the front seat, Baby!

I’ve created an exclusive group that is ONLY for us Intuitive Types and 5%’ers, those that really want to get more out of life. Isn’t it time you learned EXACTLY how to use your intuitiveness to create a life you love? I want to show you how to do that as you accomplish magnificent things!


There are two tracks:

Business Track

Life Track

  • We gather every other week via the phone on Mondays . You’ll get LASER coaching on how you can use your Intuitive type in your family, business, or life. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to ask a specific question and get coaching directly from me. You also learns TONS from the others in the group.
  • Each group has a little bit different focus so that you end up in the one that is a perfect fit for you and you have other amazing women in the exact same place in their lives.
  • You’ll gain access to an exclusive Facebook group. I’ll be actively participating and encouraging your participation there, because intuitive types seldom have the opportunity to work together with like-minded people. They “get” you, will help answer your questions, and will support you…and that’s a powerful tool.
  • You’ll receive books, goal cards, and other helpful tools every quarter at our in person meetings to deepen your connection to your Intuitive side.
  • You’ll have the freedom to be creative, but I’ll hold you ACCOUNTABLE in a way that works for you!
  • We will spend a full 55 minutes private session together on the phone, in-person or via facetime so I can learn more about you and your business as you start the group.
  • Weekly “open office hours” multiple times a week  where you can have 15 minutes one on one with me for laser coaching.
  • And….. Amazing, quarterly, in-person, all-day, planning, strategy and mastermind sessions!  These days will inspire you, motivate you and keep you on track ALL YEAR LONG!!!  These days alone are worth the investment! Life group is on Friday’s and Business group meets both Thursday and Friday’s once a quarter.  It is amazing!!
  • The “Senior” group is accepting a few new amazing members, are you one of them? “Freshman” Group is also accepting a couple new members for 2017. The two tracks are really about where you are in your business and/or life, we will figure out the right fit for you during our 15 min call.
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The Challenge of Being an Intuitive Type

I’m like you, and I understand how frustrating it can be to be part of a minority when it comes to how we think, speak, and process information. But things don’t have to be so challenging.

Because you’re part of a minority, society didn’t spend a lot of time teaching you how you think or process life, it just re-enforced that you’re different. And somewhere along the way, you may have started feeling like different is bad. But being different isn’t bad. In fact, it’s wonderful!

You see, while you don’t excel at things the other 75% does, you absolutely excel at things the other 75% find challenging. And because there’s one intuitive type for every 3 non-intuitive people, it’s super important that you understand how you’re unique and what you have to offer that other people don’t. They need you!

By learning how you think (and speak, process, feel, etc.) compared to non-intuitive people, you bridge the gap between both groups. You’ll understand your value, own your worth, and embrace your uniqueness. And you’ll be in demand and appreciated because there aren’t many Intuitive Types.

The Benefits of Understanding What Makes You Unique

  • If you run a business, you’ll automatically have a niche that’s perfect for you
  • You’ll be able to successfully communicate your ideas in every area of your life
  • You’ll know your worth to the world, develop a sense of purpose, and as a result, be a lot happier
  • You’ll know how to have others hold you accountable in a way that works for you (your projects can be completed on time and you’ll make forward progress!)
  • You’ll no longer feel like an outsider because of communication differences
  • You’ll be able to voice what you need in a way others understand AND you’ll be able to understand them better, too

What you will learn:

  • You are not weird, you are very, very special
  • How to take your Intuitive type and flourish in a world of Sensing Types
  • Learn to cultivate Intuitiveness to Accomplish Magnificent Things in your life, relationships and your business