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Intuitive Group Coaching with Jessica Butts

Group Coaching

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Here’s what Jessica’s clients have to say:

  • “I recently attended Jessica’s Myers Briggs Happy Hour Workshop with my husband. WOW! What a fun and valuable evening. We both left with information about ourselves that is priceless for strengthening all our relationships. I highly recommend her class as a self-care gift.”
    Marilyn M.
  • "Jessica, I don’t know how to thank you for saving my marriage. I came to you in desperation with little hope that you can fix things. During our sessions I learned so much about myself and my husband and how our relationship had taken the wrong path during the course of our lives. I wanted an interactive therapist who cared and I got lucky finding you. You are so darn real, so caring and a great person who taught us what we didn’t know to make it work. We have come far and things are so much better than they were in the past; we are starting to care for each other again and our relationship is growing stronger. I can’t thank you enough and I will recommend you to anyone who needs counseling. You are a wonderful and kind person and you will always be in my heart."
    J. Ryan
  • "Thank you again for the insightful workshop you lead for us. It was eye opening and thoroughly enjoyable. You truly have a tremendous gift and passion for what you do and your positive energy is contagious. You inspired me to start to embrace myself in a way that I never have before. I still have a long way to go, but I am sincerely grateful for your insightful guidance to help me begin to find my path through a lens of self-love instead of the self-criticism and judgement I had been using to force myself into a mold that I felt I should fit into. I'm not quite sure why, but reading my personality profile on paper, while terrifying in its accuracy, was also a relief. I no longer have the burden of feeling as though I need to become someone I am not, to be valued by society. I am still searching for my purpose, but I am excited to begin this next part of my journey with new eyes and a fresh perspective on where and what that should be. Words are inadequate at expressing my gratitude to you for leading those three hours of that life-changing workshop, but please know that you have made a huge difference in one INFP's life."
    Amy GundermanTechnical Recruiter and mother of 4
  • Jessica is a charismatic, engaging speaker who delivered a excellent presentation to my group of entrepreneurs. Drawing on her experience as a Myers-Briggs trainer and psychotherapist, she shared in-depth knowledge about how personality type can support business owners’ success. Her passion for her topic woven with personal insights and mission to support the self-discovery of attendees shone though her presentation. One of the most popular speakers we’ve had, I can’t recommend Jessica highly enough.
    Lynn Baldwin-RhoadesOwner Power Chicks International
  • Jessica, I love that you are so darn real. Your smile, your tears and your face absolutely beams with your passion to help others in this journey that you have taken.
    ShaunFederal Way, WA
  • “Jessica put on an unbelievable workshop for my friends and I! It was educational… and fun at the same time. Two hours flew by and I felt like it had just begun and I wanted it to keep going! I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful the workshop was and how I learned about myself and how I interact with my co-workers. Jessica seemed to take special interest in every single individual who attended and seemed so genuinely in tuned with everyone there you would think she knew each person there personally and for years when in reality she didn’t! Each person received individual attention to each and every question and overall I would recommend it to anyone who talks to people, works with people, lives with people, has family members or knows anyone!”
    Whitney C.

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By accepting my free consultation offer you are opting-into my mailing list. You can opt-out at anytime. Your information is private and will never be shared.