November Masterclass Replay

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“No fluff, no small talk – just really great advice, insights, deep conversations, and a concrete plan that I can execute for the next quarter that keeps me accountable and moving forward. The nickname – Jessica Kicks Butts – is no joke.

Jessica preaches the gospel of being unapologetically who you are. But what has been most powerful about in-depth strategy sessions with her is that I see how fully she embraces me – just as I am. And understands me – just as I am. She isn’t going to give me an ENFJ roadmap to success. She is going to make me work really hard building a roadmap that is specific to me and my type. I got a lot of great content out of Jessica’s group and event formats. I think those formats attract a lot of people who are more similar in type to her (extroverted feelers) and it made me a little nervous to jump into a deeper engagement. But our differences in approach and her ability to see me has given me a new level of respect for how talented she is and makes the significant investment seem like a no brainer. I wish I had pulled the trigger sooner.”


Jessica Rube

"Jessica Butts has rocked my world and given me the tools to change it. Tools outside of myself, and so many tools inside myself that have changed my life. My growth and awareness of who I am, what I'm great at - where I thrive, has helped me confidently flow in my strengths and I LOVE IT!!

I've also learned something just as important: what I suck at! We think that we are supposed to do everything well, and when we don't we can feel like failures. We aren't made to do it all! There are other people who are great at what we aren't, so ask for help, hire them, trade time with them, but stop thinking we're supposed to do everything well!

When she taught me about codependency she used an analogy that LITERALLY unlocked something inside of me, helped me see it for what it was and gave me the keys to unlock my own freedom. I'll never be the same girl - EVER!"


Robin M