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Masterclass Topics

How to Care for Yourself & Set Boundaries During the Holidays

Love Your Family by Getting Your Family

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Love Your Clients by Getting Your Clients

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Love Your Partner by Getting Your Partner

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Viewer's Choice ~ Coming Soon

Love Each Other by Getting Each Other's Masculine & Feminine Energy

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Love Each Other by Getting Each Other's Co-dependent Style

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Viewer's Choice ~ Coming Soon

Love Each Other by Getting Each Other's Energy E/I

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Heading Back to School - Getting your Child's Tyle

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Love Each Other by Getting Each Other's Attachment Style

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"Getting" Yours & Other's Backseat

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Client Love!

"Transformative Decision"

Joining the Front Seat Life world led by Jessica Butts was the most transformative decision I made in 2019.It got me through 2020, and will serve me for the rest of my days. 

If life is a wheel, Jessica is the hub, and the humans she mentors are the spokes.  
My relationships and friendships are immeasurably richer because of Jessica Butts.
~ Lori Rosolowsky, CEO & Founder of Open Sky Artists 

“Jessica Butts has rocked my world and given me the tools to change it. Tools outside of myself, and so many tools inside myself that have changed my life. My growth and awareness of who I am, what I’m great at — where I thrive, has helped me confidently flow in my strengths and I LOVE IT!!

I’ve also learned something just as important: what I suck at! We think that we are supposed to do everything well, and when we don’t we can feel like failures. We aren’t made to do it all! There are other people who are great at what we aren’t, so ask for help, hire them, trade time with them, but stop thinking we’re supposed to do everything well!

When she taught me about codependency she used an analogy that LITERALLY unlocked something inside of me, helped me see it for what it was and gave me the keys to unlock my own freedom. I’ll never be the same girl — EVER!”

~ Robin M.

"Joining Front Seat Life is one of the best decisions I ever made for myself.  The day we get to hug one another, share our hearts and laugh will be an incredible day for sure!  And likely a cryfest."

~ Jenny Thrasher

"Jessica, I love that you are so darn real. Your smile, your tears and your face absolutely beams with your passion to help others in this journey that you have taken.”

~ Shaun, FSL Event Participant 

"When I first began working with Jessica, I was a mess. Jessica helped me to be unapologetically who I am as an ENFP personality type while setting boundaries, systems, structures and a singular focus. These things together were my key to maximizing my potential and jessica has everything to do with that! One year later, I’m proud to say I’ve learned to overcome my limiting beliefs and have began an inspiring morning routine which is the foundation of my day. Personally, I’ve learned to keep my core values at the center of my life, be pro active and live a magnificent life.

The front seat life community have become this tribe of women we would do anything for! We love, support, admire and encourage one another. Thank you Jessica!”

~ Lisa Fischer