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How Intuitives Can Stay the Course to Big Dreams and Live Your Life From The Front Seat eBook

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You’re drowning!! Let me throw you a life line!

You wouldn’t DREAM of embarking on an actual road trip without a map… so why are you driving through life without one?

I’m willing to bet that your story has led you to a place of deep discontent… wondering if this is all there is for your life, sitting in a place of questioning everything from your career to who you really are as a person.

And society has created artificial roles and rules that have pushed you to be someone you are not! It’s forced you into living your life as the worst version of yourself!


Read all the self-help books, but you’re still struggling.

Listened to all the gurus, but you’re still struggling.

Tried all the systems, but you’re still struggling!

Let’s face it, YOU’RE LOST!

You need a Roadmap.

What if you could…

    • Finally feel comfortable and supported living unapologetically in your own skin
    • Discover how to actually be your best self most of the time
    • Learn to finally love and accept your entire self for who you are
    • Be comfortable spending time alone
    • Stop surviving and living five minutes in front of your face
    • Start thriving using systems and structure designed uniquely for your creative visionary personality type
    • Confidently make your dreams a reality


You just need a map to help you get there!
I promise to give you that map in this new course.

How do I know your struggle?

First, I’ve been there.

In my mid-30s, I found myself completely lost. My job in corporate Human Resources was nothing more than blah and my marriage was falling apart due to addiction, affairs, and codependency.

To cope, I shut down.

I spent many nights crying on my kitchen floor feeling hopeless, lost, and scared for my future. I became a victim in my own life, and I no longer recognized who I was.

I didn’t mean to get to this place.

I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to be a victim. Though it feels like it all snuck up on me, I know it happened slowly over time, and I just adapted and learned to (minimally) cope along the way. I had to make some changes, and when I did, I learned the absolute truth about myself through personality type and codependency. It wasn’t easy, and it also meant I couldn’t hide anymore.

Second, as a retired psychotherapist and Myers-Briggs Expert, I can’t tell you how many creative visionary women came to me with the same story.

Yes, their details were different, but the end result was the same: Lost. Confused. Scattered. Barely coping. Unhappy. Simply surviving. Hopeless.

So what happened?
When did life get so hard?

Where did we lose sight of our dreams in exchange for jobs, relationships, caring for other people, and making sure everything looks good from the outside… even though we’re dying on the inside?

Brace yourself because here comes the sassy, truth-telling Jessica… life got hard when you started going against who you really are and went about life with methods that only work for a different personality type while you, my dear, are a creative visionary – also known as an INTUITIVE!

You’ve bought books, been to counseling, taken courses, perhaps even learned your Myers-Briggs type before (but not from me!) and spent thousands of dollars on the hope and promise that things will get better.

Because all of those things only treated the symptom and not the cause, leaving you feeling stuck and dismayed.

  • When you started to meekly comply with the expectations of others (probably Sensors). Remember, Sensors make up the 75% majority of the world…
  • When you decided to let the Sensing world be your compass instead of following your own intuitive ways…
  • When you allowed busyness to consume you and your life so you wouldn’t have to face your unhappiness…

…you said ‘goodbye’ to the real you.

Unless you know who you are, decide where you’re going, and map out how you’re going to get there with PROVEN INTUITIVE TOOLS, developed specifically for creative visionaries, you’ll never be who you want to be… who you were designed to be.

Can I make a bold statement, here? Mastering personality type is an absolutely essential life skill!

As a Creative, Visionary and Myers-Briggs Intuitive type myself, I speak your language so I can help you “get” Myers-Briggs in a whole new way – the Front Seat Life way!

You and I need this education and methodology to thrive in this world which is why I created it!

Intuitives only make up a 25% minority of the population. We grow up typically learning Sensor ways from Sensors, which does not work for us! This is like forcing a left- handed person to be right-handed – totally against the grain.

Us Intuitives get to a breaking point and start wondering why and how did we get to such a broken state… totally unaware and uneducated on our different creative
visionary needs.

Nobody else teaches these tools in this entirely revolutionary method while speaking your intuitive language like I do!

Live Unapologetically: The Course is a proven system based on Myers-Briggs personality types for how to live as a successful Intuitive woman in a Sensing world. This will change every part of your life!


“Jessica Butts has rocked my world and given me the tools to change it. Tools outside of myself, and so many tools inside myself that have changed my life. My growth and awareness of who I am, what I’m great at – where I thrive, has helped me confidently flow in my strengths and I LOVE IT!!

I’ve also learned something just as important: what I suck at! We think that we are supposed to do everything well, and when we don’t we can feel like failures. We aren’t made to do it all! There are other people who are great at what we aren’t, so ask for help, hire them, trade time with them, but stop thinking we’re supposed to do everything well!

When she taught me about codependency she used an analogy that LITERALLY unlocked something inside of me, helped me see it for what it was and gave me the keys to unlock my own freedom. I’ll never be the same girl – EVER!”



book WITH SPECIAL BONUSES Extra Module 4:
How Intuitives Can Stay the Course to Big Dreams and Live Your Life From The Front Seat eBook


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3 Reasons Why Your Existing
Plan is Failing You:



I get the self-loathing and internal criticism that happens when we keep making the same mistakes or just can’t help but put forth our worst selves
because we’re barely getting by. It’s a vicious cycle to keep oscillating between surviving by a thread and hating our reactions and circumstances. What if we weren’t meant to follow the world’s rules?

Live Unapologetically: The Course is your guide to personal freedom because it forces you to identify and learn your best self (aka your front seat) and your worst self (aka your back seat) and how to get yourself into your front seat. Learning all about your “Baby in the Back Seat” allows you to start seeing your worst moments in a truly different light which creates space for compassion and self-acceptance! The healing that comes from learning to soothe our “Baby in the Back Seat” helps us return to our front seat.



Hello! This is your slap-in-the-face moment to realize that this world is 75% Sensors who build schools, corporations and government in Sensor structures with Sensor methods. The system is fundamentally flawed for you and me!!

In the Course you’ll practice unlearning your sensor ways and incorporate a whole new set of proven intuitive systems and structures that are the foundation of my success and hundreds of my clients. One size does not fit all! You’ll gain huge emotional and mental freedom when you start to see the world around you as it truly is!



You and I don’t think, talk, act, or see the way the rest of the world does. We’re almost forced to live “closeted” lives leaving our intuitive tendencies totally underexpressed. If we try to “improve ourselves” or “get ahead” among unknowing Sensors, we do it in very limited ways because there’s a residue and compounding shame about being truly who we are in front of them.

You now have the chance to move forward once and for all.

You’ve bought books, been to counseling, taken courses, perhaps even learned your Myers-Briggs type before (but not from me!) and spent thousands of dollars on the hope and promise that things will get better.

But things didn’t get better.

Because all of those things only treated the symptom and not the cause, leaving you feeling stuck and dismayed.

This is everything you need to finally get unstuck!

Count me in on this revolutionary course

No more timid,
tentative, tippy-toe steps.

These are tangible and
actionable moves that will fuel your growth.

Your very own life… lived in a way that ONLY you can live it. The way you design it. Your own thoughts. Your own ideas and opinions. It all starts my revolutionary new method of understanding type and putting Myers- Briggs to use.

Understanding your innate Myers-Briggs personality type & my Front Seat Life™ methodology is going to change EVERY part of your life.

You may be a stay-at-home mom, an entrepreneur, or a creative freelancer – but you all have one thing in common… you want more than the average person.

You want more freedom, more variety, more creativity, more passion, more travel, more personal development… more for your life than the status quo.

    • If you are single, this is how you attract the right partner to YOU!
    • If you own a business, this is how you attract the RIGHT clients
    • If you are in a relationship this is how you express who you truly are and what your needs are and this is how you learn to speak your partner’s language.
    • If you are a parent, this is how you come to understand how your children may be different from you and how you can love them for who they are!

Now is the time and place for you to take action and begin to live your life in the front seat.


“Jessica has changed my way of thinking. My life is infinitely better because of her coaching and support. She focuses on personality type (Myers-Briggs) and how to navigate the world based on your type. Learn how to embrace who you are innately, and how to utilize that both in relationships and work. She has truly helped me this last year learn how to embrace my innate talents and quirks and use them to be the best Mel I can be. It’s truly a game changer!”


Here’s how it all breaks down:

This 90-day immersion course is broken down into three distinct modules to fully support your journey in a simple, easy-to-follow format. Each module includes video lessons, text, and printable PDFs to make it easy for you to consume and apply the content.


Module One is devoted to helping you finally become unapologetically who you are!

You will learn:

  • All about your personality type from a fellow intuitive
  • The Front Seat Life methodology
  • How you are different and why that’s your secret super power
  • The differences in personality types and how to embrace other types
  • Why “normal” is not for you and how you can leverage your uniqueness to rock your world!


In Module Two you will learn to stop doing stuff you suck at (I literally wrote the book on that) and step into your new intuitive life!

You will learn:

  • How and when to speak up for your creative visionary intuitive needs and stop letting the sensing world run you over
  • All about archetypes and marginalized types
  • How to show up as your best self in your relationships
  • To put on your own oxygen mask first and make self care a genuine priority
  • And, of course, how to identify (and stop) doing stuff you suck at!


Module Three is all about building intuitive habits to create long-term success!

You will learn:

  • All about mind mapping, vision boards, and the life-changing magic of 90 day planning for creative visionary intuitive types
  • To value and implement stillness, meditation, and journaling
  • How to create and stick to a morning practice
  • The butterfly effect and other N-based tools built by a very successful creative visionary
  • How to get comfortable and actually enjoy alone time.


How Intuitives Can Stay the Course to Big Dreams and Live Your Life From The Front Seat eBook


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Imagine what your life would be like if…

    • You were able to embrace your innateness and harness your intuition to create a life you love
    • You found your voice and were able to break free from the expectations of others
    • You were able to reconcile your heart with your head
    • You could communicate your needs, thoughts, feelings, and dreams in a way that others finally understood
    • You had the courage to stand up and be unapologetically who you are!

That’s exactly what I’ve created this course to do. To set you free and help you chart your course to living unapologetically who you are!


You are your most valuable asset. Isn’t it time you choose you?
You invest in your career, your home, and your loved ones every day.
Now it’s time to invest in you.

In 90 days you will be transformed. I believe in 90 day goals. Be all in on your life for 90 days, Be both feet in, give this your all. It will be the best decision you ever made.

I will NOT waste your time or your money. You’ve invested before and didn’t work. I know. I want change for you so I have to tell you the truth about what works… and I will.

So, what works? Defining who you are, deciding on where you want to go, and plotting your path to get there. That’s real. That’s what works. I know because I’ve done it myself.

Start now. Slide into the front seat of your own life and feel the freedom that your new vision, being unapologetically who you are for the first time, clarity, and validation brings to you.



book WITH SPECIAL BONUSES Extra Module 4:
How Intuitives Can Stay the Course to Big Dreams and Live Your Life From The Front Seat eBook


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