15 Tools in 15 Minutes or Less to help you navigate all the ​STRESS​ by understanding your ​Innate Personality Type ​and Jessica’s other favorite ​therapy​ tools

You were born with an innate personality type.
You have unique talents, gifts, and interests.
You have dreams, passions & plans to achieve those dreams.

But the world started telling you:


And you started shrinking away from who you were born to be...


If you’re reading this, you know it's time for a change.


Maybe you’re surrounded by naysayers and people who don’t support you in pursuing your dreams.

Maybe your relationship is a mess and you can’t figure out whythere’s so much conflict with someone you love so much.

Maybe you’re stuck in a soul-sucking 9 to 5 job that you hate and you have this burning desire to do something more.

Maybe all of the current events, political climate, and stuff going on in your personal life has you so stressed out you can’t take it anymore!

You were made for more than this. You know this!

You can feel it deep inside.

You know there is more for you but you aren’t sure how to get there.

Understanding your innate personality type is the key to managing that stress and unlocking everything that is possible for you, your life, your relationships, and your career!

The more you know...

There’s so much more to your personality type than those 4 little letters suggest and mastering your type will give you all the tools you need to create a life you love!

The more you GROW!

But I know you’re busy! I know you are stressed! You feel like you don’t have time to invest in personal development right now... STOP!

I created the Front Seat 15 for exactly this reason!! I knew you needed something you can do in small 15 minute blocks of time and I knew it had to be so rich it would help you change your entire life trajectory without adding to your already overflowing “to-do” list!

So here it is!! ​15 Tools, 15 Videos, 15 minutes ​or less to help you learn about your innate personality type AND how to navigate all the​ stress​ and personal roadblocks according to your type!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:


Module 1: ​

Where we go under ​stress​!

Module 2: ​

You are ​both​ extroverted and Introverted

Module 3: ​

Permission​ to have a Pity Party - N’s suck at details

Module 4: ​

Hey ​control​​freaks​....learning to balance our J&P

Module 5: ​

Whole letter type and ​core ​​values

Module 6: ​

Setting ​Boundaries​ using rocks

Module 7: ​

Codependency​: Are you a bossy leaper or a doormat?

Module 8: ​

Mind Blowing ​attachment ​​theory

Module 9: ​

Your archetype and your ​arch​​nemesis

Module 10: ​

Stop​ living 5 minutes in front of your face

Module 11: ​

Best ​mindset​ tools

Module 12: ​

Morning practice

Module 13: ​

Compartmentalization and ​90​​ day ​​goals

Module 14: ​

Don’t listen to the ​naysayers

Module 15: ​

Like minded people - Find ​your​ people


Imagine if you could:


This is your chance to do all that and MORE!!! And it’s only $27!!



Jessica Butts is the CEO and Founder of Front Seat Life ​as well as the author of the popular books, “​Live Your Life from the Front Seat​” and “​Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At​” and host of the Front Seat Life Podcast.

As a ​life and business coach​, former psychotherapist​, and ​recognized Myers-Briggs expert,​ with more than 15 years of experience​,​ Jessica makes it her mission in life to inspire others to reach their full potential and accomplish ​Magnificent Things​ by understanding and embracing their innateness.

As an ENFJ, ​Jessica thinks outside the box, leads with her heart, and is obsessively organized. ​She’s ​passionate about personal development and helping her clients learn to live and be ​unapologetically who they are and create the life they’ve always desired. Jessica travels the country sharing her inspiring message in her sassy, no-holds-barred entertaining manner inspiring, motivating, and educating people to live their life from the front seat​ using their innate gifts.

It’s time to start your personal development journey!


Slide into the front seat of your own life and feel the freedom that your new vision, being unapologetically who you are for the first time, clarity, and validation brings to you!

15 Tools, 15 videos, each 15 minutes or less! The Front Seat 15 is the shortcut to understanding your personality type, navigating all the stress, and learning to live unapologetically as who you are! I’m inviting you on a journey! Are you coming?

Yes, Girl! I’m In!!