Psychotherapist, Individual and Relationship Coach, Creator and Author of Live your Life from the Front Seat

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If you saw me in person and need another hit, or maybe you want a preview before you hire me, this page is where the fun of working with me comes alive!  Guest blog posts, audio, video, TedTalks and podcasts await you.

Take your time, watch/listen/read them one by one, or pull out some popcorn, get in your comfy chair, and have a marathon.

Jessica Bio

Jessica Butts is CEO and Founder of Front Seat where she helps Inspire, Motivate and Educate people to live their life from the front seat using their innate abilities as well as the Author of the popular book, Live Your Life from the Front Seat.

She is also a retired psychotherapist, life and business coach, and Myers-Briggs expert whose mission is to inspire others to Accomplish Magnificent Things by embracing their innateness. She shares her message around the country in her sassy, no-holds barred entertaining manner. Leaving the corporate world after 15 years  to start her own company has been the hardest and most rewarding challenge of her life.  As an ENFJ, Jessica thinks outside the box, leads with her heart and is obsessively organized. She’s passionate about personal development, traveling, deep connections with those in her life, and her beloved Boston Terrier, Tucker.

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Aspire Magazine’s – Top 10 Inspirational Books – July 2015


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Live Events

Guest Blog Posts Are You an Introvert? Check Out These Career Tips

Elise Buie Family Law What is Your Drunk Uncle in the Back Seat?

Jessica Butts over the shoulder

Living by Design: Jessica Butts, Living Your Life from the Front Seat

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 Podcast: “Living Your Life From the Front Seat” with Jessica Butts


Interview with Jessica Butts on Type, Structure and Creativity

Client Attraction Business School blog: Jessica at the Mindset Retreat Success Panel



Audio, Podcasts & Videos

Manifesting and Mindset (audio)

Seahawks Fandom and Connection (audio)

Femmenation, KKNW 1150am January 7th (audio)

Chat with Women (audio)

Myers Briggs Pairs of Preferences (audio)

Good Enough Parenting, (audio)

Femmination Radio Show – October 22nd (audio)

Femmination Radio Show – August 5th (audio)

Femmination Radio Show – September 23rd (audio)

Femmination Radio Show – October 7th (audio)

Ewomen interview on Live your Life from the Front Seat™ in business (audio)

How the Myers-Briggs Test Can Improve Your Love Life – Podcast on Married With Luggage

What our personality types reveal about us – Part 2 Podcast on Married With Luggage

Blog Talk Radio – August 8th (audio)

Thriving Entrepreneur Radio – August 11th (audio)

Radio show Sound Advice Radio Show Part 1 (audio)
Sound Advice Radio Show Part 2 (audio)
Nancy Ferrari Logo Nancy Ferrari Radio Show (audio)

GSD Mode Interview

GSD Best of the Week

Front Seat Squad


The Quirky Lawyer: Understanding the Genius of Personality Type, Part 3

The Quirky Lawyer: Understanding the Genius of Personality Type, Part 4

Press Kit

Live Your Life From the Front Seat Press Release (pdf download)

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